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Bulletproof Aging Formula Capsules

Aging Formula Capsules


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The Bulletproof Aging Formula Capsules work to reduce everyday stress, fatigue, and brain fog.  After years of testing, Bulletproof is excited to introduce a new substance that has risen above the rest as a safe, effective way to Bulletproof your brain: oxaloacetate, also known as OAA.

Shown to protect neurons in the brain from common environmental toxins, OAA may actually improve day-to-day brain function by improving short-term memory, as well as increasing quality of life.  Oxaloacetate is an anti-aging formula every Bulletproof person should consider for quality and length of life. 

  • It’s a nutritional supplement, not a drug. Oxaloacetate is found in many foods, and it’s a critical metabolic compound in your body.
  • Oxaloacetate is actually required for your body to make energy, to make proteins, and even to make its own fat.
  • When something is so needed for so many major processes that our brains depend on everyday, you can understand our recommendation to try it to support brain health, to clear brain fog, and to optimize clear cognitive potential.