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Organic elderberry syrup for KIDS

Organic elderberry syrup for KIDS


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Certified Organic Elderberry Syrup made with organic Canadian elderberry, extracts of elderflowers, propolis, and raw honey. Traditionally used to help fight colds and flu. Alcohol free. Especially made for kids, this syrup tastes good! Soothes sore throats, helps in case of coughing, fever. Also contains elderflower and propolis tinctures with Canadian raw honey.

Made in Canada from exclusively Canadian ingredients
Certified Organic
No added water or fructose
Canadian, Organic, Raw, Unpasteurized Honey
Once open, good until expiry date (good for 2 years if opened!)
Better resistance to heat and light than European elderberry
Approved by Health Canada
Elderberry, elderflower and echinacea extracts
A syrup that tastes good and works